Blue Mountain Rum Dipped Robusto Cigars - Bundle of 25

Blue Mountain Rum Dipped Robusto Cigars
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Blue Mountain Rum Dipped Robusto Cigars

Blue Mountain Rum Dipped Robusto Bundle please experience the joy of warm Caribbean breezes, refreshing rum and a fine cigar all at once with this tropical treat. Both the tips and ends of these cigars are dipped in delicious five year old Jamaican rum and sun dried by the warming rays of the sun, without the fillings being flavored. The beautifully constructed cigars are then transformed through a meticulous curing and aging process in oak rum barrels that lock-in the complex and satisfying flavors. From first light, an intoxicatingly pleasant aroma fills the air. A pure white ash emerges from the smooth, easy draw, while the melding of tobacco and rum excites the taste buds with every puff. Subtle hints of Caribbean herbs and spices, coffee and earth, mixed with slight notes of oak enhance the sweetness of the island rum, rounding out the silky smooth finish. This rum-dipped Robusto Bundle cigar is a true carnival of the senses that should be enjoyed by friends again and again.

Planet Cigars Is No Longer Carrying The Blue Mountain Cigar Line.

Cigar Length 5
Ring Size 50
Packaging Bundle
Packed 25
Suggested Retail 112.99
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